Wednesday , 16 January 2019
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Lethargic Sales are Not Tragic for Oculus and Vive


Despite the supply constraints going away, HTC Vive and Oculus have suffered from Lethargic Sales. Its unclear why sales have slowed down.

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MyDream Multi-Screen Replacement is Better than a Desktop


MyDream has developed a Virtual Reality multiple screen experience to provide an easy way to do multi-tasking and to replace PC screens too

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HypeVR Crazy Camera Rig Captures Volumetric VR Video (14 Cameras)

HypeVR IamVR Virtual Reality

HypeVR demonstrates how video can be shot to capture ‘volumetric’ VR video that allows users to move around in a limited space within the video

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Sadly is this the Farewell of the Computer to Virtual PC?

virtual PC IamVR Virtual Reality

With the start of the Virtual Reality era, will this change how we view (and use) a PC. The process has already started with the concept of virtual PC.

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HoloLens vs Oculus: Which One Does a Better Job For VR & AR?


HoloLens vs Oculus: Currently on the VR and AR front there are many Headsets. Meanwhile how do we choose the best product for us in the AR/VR battle?

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Björk Pioneers VR Inspired Exhibition – Arrives in London

Björk IamVR Virtual Reality

Bjork's VR show opened today in London. The show includes the much-hyped VR exhibition, Björk Digital, with a 3D avatar live from Iceland

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Steel Wool Studios Gains Momentum with HTC $5M Investment

Steel Wool Studios IamVR Virtual Reality

HTC continues their Virtual Reality investments with a $5 million stake in Steel Wool Studios. Their focus is on gaming, simulations and VR narratives

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Brilliant Fireproof VR Camera Rig May Save Lives One Day

Fireproof VR Camera IamVR

Firefighters in New Zealand are testing Fireproof VR Camera that potentially will save lives one day, hopefully in the near future.

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Astounding Prediction by Mark Zuckerberg for VR and AR

VR and AR IamVR Virtual Reality

Mark Zuckerberg at the Q&A in Rome, made the prediction that VR and AR will be the most social platform, whether in Facebook or through other platforms

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Is the Dexmo Glove Concept Too Crazy to Consider Trying?


Dexmo has invented an exoskeleton haptic glove. They are designed to provide realistic touch in VR by both pushing and pulling your fingers.

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FordVR is an Exciting Racing Experience in VR or 360

FordVR IamVR Virtual Reality

FordVR is an app from Ford accessible with a mobile device. Each piece of content offers users to experience it with a virtual reality headset or in 360.

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Crazy PowerVision PowerEgg Hatches into a 4K Camera Drone

PowerEgg IAmVR Virtual Reality

PowerVision created PowerEgg that literally hatches into a 4K camera drone. This is something that hasn't been done yet in the drone industry.

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Companies in Virtual Reality: Kickass and Worst Investments

investments IamVR Virtual Reality

There are a plenty of companies making big bets on virtual reality -but only a few are looking like a great way to invest in this burgeoning tech industry.

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Leap Motion’s New Interaction Engine but is Touch Missing?

leap motion 1

Leap Motion has enhanced their controller Virtual Reality controls with their new Interaction Engine. Is this enough or do we need to touch as well?

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Crazy News From NZ, (Dominos) Pizza Delivery By Drone!

Pizza Delivery

Dominos is launching a new for pizza delivery, by drones. Started in New Zealand so don't get your hopes up yet if you're not in NZ.

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