Wednesday , 16 January 2019
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Oculus Connect 3 Rolls Out The Best New Games to See

oculus connect

The Oculus Connect 3 is their annual conference. This year is expected to focus more on products rather than prototypes and should be exciting.

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First Look: (Fantastic) Google Pixel and Daydream View VR

Pixel Daydream IamVR

Google has just released the phone and VR headset we all have been waiting for, Pixel and Pixel XL and Daydream View VR Headset.

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10K Instances Of Distracted Driving A Day Due To Pokemon Go


There are about 10000 distracted drivers and pedestrians each day on the road in the USA, while playing the Pokemon Go, as reported on Twitter

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Best Gamepad VR Controller: Control the Thrill of VR Games


To experience games in Virtual Reality we need more than a good graphics processor and VR headset, good gamepad is a must have to play.

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Playing Games on Gear VR: now with Xbox controller support


Microsoft is working to bring support to Gear VR with its Xbox wireless controller. First announced title to support this will be Minecraft on Gear VR.

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Like VR? You will love Virtual Reality Concert (Series)

virtual reality concert

Citi, Live Nation and NextVR today announced a partnership to produce a series of up to ten live virtual reality concert series.

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October Is Set To Be The Best Month For VR (PSVR, Google Daydream)

Google Daydream

Seems like October is VR’s biggest month: Google Daydream, Oculus Touch, and PlayStation VR will release amazing equipment.

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Great News For Google Lovers: Daydream SDK Leaves Beta Now


The days of Gear VR ruling the market for VR goggles for smartphones are about to change, Google Daydream SDK is officially leaving BETA.

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Wow Something New: Investment Tips (vCommerce vs aCommerce)


Virtual and Augmented Reality make up an industry projected to be worth over $120bn by 2020. So where should you spend your money? vCommerce or aCommerce?

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Great News For Business Now NVIDIA & HTC Will Bring You VR


Putting VR to work in your business is about to get easier. Next month, new Pascal-based NVIDIA HTC’s Vive Business Edition will become generally available.

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Tim Hortons New Trading Card AR App brings NHL Players to Life

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL® Trading Cards now have a mobile app to bring NHL Players to life, as you drink your coffee.

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Now You Can Take A Mixed Reality Experience To Mars, Courtesy of NASA

NASA IamVR VR Mixed Reality HoloLens

Nasa has teamed up with Microsoft HoloLens and created a mixed reality experience: "destination Mars" where you can take a trip to Mars in Mixed Reality.

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Surgical Theater & NordicNeuroLab: VR for Neurosurgeons Now

Surgical Theater VR-Studio 2

Surgical Theater and NordicNeuroLab Announce Partnership to Deliver Next-Generation VR & Diffusion Tensor Imaging Technology to Neurosurgeons

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InContext Solutions Working with Intel On New VR Solutions (for Retail)

InContext Solutions2

InContext Solutions is the global leader in scalable web-based virtual reality solutions for retail, now working with Intel.

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New VR Short ‘Invasion’ Coming soon (bunnies included)


The movie industry is starting to see some new VR short some to the big screen. So if you ever wanted to save the world like a bunny, read this.

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