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Rejoice with Astonishing Train Speed & AR too (Hyperloop)

Hyperloop One Train is Looking Beyond the US to Europe and Middle East

Have you heard of the Hyperloop One? It is a high speed train and transportation futuristic system that promises speeds of 900 km/h to 1200 km/h. Their initial plans are to build a train from Downtown Los Angeles to San Francisco is just about 30 minutes!

Now Hyperloop One is also in negotiations and discussions to also deliver their high speed transportation system to Dubai, Netherlands (Holland) and Finland. They have currently signed letters of intent with the aim of exploring how the system can be developed and deployed in these countries. The real benefit is the speed in which the service can be delivered. For example a trip from Abi Dhabi to Dubai would be cut from 2 hours by car down to a 12-15 minute journey.

hyperloop augmented reality

The train operates on a promise of generating more energy than it uses. The way they claim this works is that it is a closed system which propels a series of pods through tubes using magnets and solar power. They also have shared concept train stations which are smaller and more efficient than our current conventional train stations.

hyperloop augmented reality
Source: CNBC, Nordic concept station

Beyond the excitement of super fast travel times between destinations, there is also this Augmented Reality demo from Hyperloop One as well. This is a great concept that could lead to a lot more innovation and deployment of Mixed or Augmented Reality when we get closer to knowing more about the train, its services and how it will operate.

Below is a short video that showcases some of the Augmented Reality concepts that come from Hyperloop.

What is unclear to us is how this concept will be interwoven with the pod concept that is shown for the train designs. Will the train have windows or be enclosed? One interesting idea might be for a series of window displays that could display anything you want outside as well as having additional message and information displays as well.

Either way, we should know more in 2017 as Hyperloop has both raised over $160 million and has plans to deliver a prototype version as well. Exciting times ahead for the travel industry!

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