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A glimpse of the future through an augmented reality headset

In Summary

Meron Gribitz from Meta 2 demonstrates on Ted Talks how augmented reality could enable us to share content and have 3D shared experiences. Using augmented reality headset he demonstrates how we can experience an interactive experience with both objects and people.

Bringing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into a shared context

What if technology could connect us more deeply with our surroundings instead of distracting us from the real world? With the Meta 2, an augmented reality headset that makes it possible for users to see, grab and move holograms just like physical objects, Meron Gribetz hopes to extend our senses through a more natural machine. Join Gribetz as he takes the TED stage to demonstrate the reality-shifting Meta 2 for the first time. (Featuring Q&A with TED Curator Chris Anderson)

The video walks us through a number of ideas, concepts and live interactions to show us how augmented reality with a headset can give us a tangible experience to interact with other people, to interact with objects including placing, moving and modifying them as well as passing them between people through a holographic phone call.

Source: Ted Talks
Filmed: Feb 2016

Photography: Fotis Bobolas


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