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4 Fun Ways We Can Profit From AR (in our Future Workplace)

Our Future Workplace will Dramatically Change with Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality already having an impact across a number of industries, what will our future workplace look like? We see that AR and VR have already gone beyond gaming. Now we see companies are beginning to work on creating services and applications aimed at professionals to help them get work done. So logically there will come a time in the near future where our workplace will also change. What will that look like?

Here are 4 ways that Augmented Reality will most certainly change our future workspace:

1. Our Computer Monitors

Future Workplace

Why be limited to a single screen or limited desk space? With Augmented Reality, you will be able to create as many screen as you like. Imagine if could arrange a series of large and small displays with some portrait and some landscape. You would be able to create a working environment that allows you to work how you think, to create displays just for specific subjects or applications and to even hide or display certain content as well. Its always hard shuffling between multiple applications within a single screen so at least this would give you a nice way to be more effective day-to-day. And the costs for companies? Well actually nothing really once you have a pair of goggles. If your employer has a Bring Your Own Device Policy, then really their costs for hardware are really reduce to nothing.

2 .Conference calls

Future Workplace

Nowadays, conference calls are to constrained to a lot of unknown faces sitting on a call. Often times people are also just listening in but don’t even contribute. Honestly, wouldn’t it be nicer to see all the people you are interacting with rather than guessing who you are talking to? Even for smaller companies where you know everyone, it will still be a lot more interactive to sit down with people and see their expressions during a discussion.

Who says the call has to take place in an office? With Augmented Reality goggles available in a future workplace, why not have a call at the beach, in a park, on an imaginary world. The actual decision of where the meeting takes place could even be up to the organiser of the call or done by a vote. It just takes the conference call to another level both in terms of breaking down social barriers and also to enable people to have a bit of fun in the process too.

3. Training without being there and done safely

Future Workplace

If you haven’t seen the Japan Airline collaboration with Microsoft then check this out. The two companies have collaborated together to create a training course on jet engines. The cool thing about it is that (1) you can train from anywhere, (2) you can drill down into the smallest details to look at objects you can’t normally see and (3) you can even be in simulated dangerous environments but never be there to actually be at risk.

With the workforce becoming more distributed than ever before, the ways in which we train people have already moved from the classroom to a variety of online web-based tools. With Augmented Reality, our future workplace will enable us to see the physical surroundings of a place where we need training or experiences. For anyone in engineering, manufacturing and even medical this will most certainly be a huge change to how we learn. How about students sitting in a classroom in AR but really sitting at home?

4. Working from Anywhere

Future Workplace

Now that you can have unlimited monitors, get all your training remotely, and even do your conference calls together, why do we need to go to the office? It seems like a future workspace in AR could even enable us to work from anywhere. So my first thought would be to work from some island so I could go for a morning beach run. Lets face it, whats the difference between working from a nice warm island and working from home? Honestly I would probably get more done working from a place that I love to be rather than working from home or sitting in an office. Working remotely certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you can imagine having access to your desktop, work space and information all at the the wave of your hands (literally), then wouldn’t this be nice?

Share your thoughts. How do you imagine your future workspace with Augmented Reality? Or do you see AR as likely to affect your work? Let us know what you think.


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