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SpaceVR brings us a way to explore space in 360

In Summary

SpaceVR is building a series of 360 mini-cameras powered by solar panels which they plan to launch into space. They are providing this as a subscription service which you can sign up to on their website today.


May 30, 2016

Written by: Steve Good

Space is just a few clicks and a pair of goggles away if SpaceVR gets their way!

Have you ever imagined going up to the stars, visiting the moon or Mars, or just sitting above Earth looking down (and around!)? Last year, SpaceVR ran a Kickstarter campaign to bring us exactly that, an ability to look around in space. Their goal is to launch a series of mini-satellites into space providing us earthlings an opportunity to have an immersive experience in space.

Sounds cool right?

SpaceVR satellite concept for their 360 space experience

Their first goal is to launch a 2D 360° camera to orbit the earth capturing VR content which will effectively be attached to a mini-satellite with solar panels to keep it powered. And while initially the feeds might only be a few mins of recording that we watch, their end game is to provide us a real-time 360 experience 24/7.

So what’s in it for us? SpaceVR has ambitious plans too. Well how about the opportunity to sense what its like to do a space walk. They want us to be able to experience our dear neighbour, the Red Planet Mars. And who knows, how about a trip to the dark side of the moon? I am sure there must be something of interest to see there, right?

So if you feel like experiencing what its like to be an astronaut then you can sign up for a small $35 today and just await to hear from mission control on the launch date.

Their first mission launch is projected for 2017, so let’s  all hope the mission won’t be scrubbed as I for one plan to be on that maiden voyage! Will you?

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