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Horror Week – Top 3 Best Horror Apps For Halloween

Horror Week – Best Horror Apps Experiences and Games in VR and AR for your Mobile Device

Halloween is almost here. The countdown continues on IamVR. This time we have decided to give you something that you can take with you anywhere you go. A collection of best Horror Apps. Try these listed below and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


1.  Night Terrors – Augmented Reality Survival Horror

Best Horror Apps Halloween iamvr ar vr

An ultra immersive gaming experience that transforms your environment into a terrifying hell scape.
This Augmented Reality game for your mobile will leave you terrified for days. The app will turn your home into a haunted house. The way the game was designed will allow the gyroscope to determine where you are.  Then unleash the demons onto you. There a big difference between the VR and AR experience. In VR experience you can simply take off the headset and the nightmare is over. The location in VR is determined by the game creator. In AR the location and what you see is determined by you. You can choose where you will play. What you will see. Where you will have ongoing nightmares. Night Terrors will guarantee many jump scares and prolonged fear factor. The creators worked hard for a very long time to make this game as realistic as the cinema production. Lights, Camera, Action! Boo!
The download is available here: Night Terror iOS and Night Terrors Android
Here is a trailer for you to see what this game is all about:

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